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Just a 20 year old agender animation and illustration student living in Texas.


shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet



you know whatd be a fun exercise

get a writer and an artist together. artist does a sketch, writer writes a handful of paragraphs. they give them to each other.

writer has to write a handful of paragraphs on the scene depicted in the sketch, and it cant be just like, describing it. artist has to draw a new sketch from the writing.

it’d be a neat lil’ flex-the-muscles sort of thing. 

Any writer types up for it? :D



I was wondering If you would draw my fursona if you could it would be greatly appreciated or at least if you can contact me back thanks ~kat <3

You know, I really detest having to pretend to be nice when I get this question. I am not, nor am I ever obligated to work for free. The very least you could do before begging for free work would be to read my FAQ.


I have exceptionally good news, and it was a part of my absence, and for that I will apologize in advance. I’m so on top of the world right now, I don’t think even being a little behind on my workload will slow me down.

I’m going to SCAD. I’ve wanted to attend for almost 4 years now, and finally my grandmother is on board. My mother really pushed me to go for the school I wanted, as opposed to one I felt like I needed. So now with their assistance, I can actually afford the massive tuition costs.

I feel.. so on air. Like I’m so excited I can’t breathe. I got accepted to the school before, so now it’s just a matter of time before I start getting everything in place. Next summer, I’ll be in Georgia.